Dear All

The response from our community to the Covid19 situation has been amazing.

In order to make sure we maximise our resources and are not duplicating tasks Phil Smith and myself will be co-ordinating South Petherton’s efforts.

PLEASE can anyone thinking of doing something for the village get in touch with us in the first instance, so we can make sure we are not doubling up.

For those who do not use the internet, we will be publishing phone numbers for a small team, who will be able to take phone calls from people who need help and get their needs on the volunteer board.

These people will be known members of the community and hold enhanced DBS certificates. There may be other ways to help in the coming weeks so we will post those jobs on Trello too.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please email:
We will respond as soon as possible.

The parish council have paid for 2000 flyers to be printed with the “I need help” template. These will be delivered in the next few days. We will also be printing a letter to go with each one explaining what is happening and how people can get in touch.

On a final note, our Parish Chairman, Adam, is and will be, doing all he can – he is totally inundated at the moment so please bare with him and use the email address above for any Cororona virus concerns.

Thank you

(Parish Councillor)

Volunteers & Requests for help:

Businesses Supporting Community: