SPCST Update 10th May

As food deliveries slowly start to appear, our local shops find a new rhythm and the TA13 has made it out to us all by their usual band of dedicated delivery people – we at the SPCST are still working away behind the scenes.

People are still accessing the phone line (although numbers have dropped a little, to about 40 a week), our pharmacy team is as busy as ever and volunteers are helping with shopping and dog walking.

Following tonight’s announcement from Boris we can now see a pathway from where we are to somewhere more positive and although we have no guarantees – fingers crossed it won’t be long.

To clarify the details:

1. From Wednesday 13th we will be able to take multiple trips out and they can be for exercise, relaxing in the park or a drive to the woods. BUT we need to stick to social distancing.

2. If you can’t work from home, then you can get back to work elsewhere. This means that if you CAN run your business (ie you are NOT a clothes shop or hairdresser etc) then please do so. The main points here were, work from home if you CAN and AVOID public transport.

More details were mentioned and clarification will hopefully come after Parliament tomorrow.

As a final word, please be mindful of how you respond to people around you at this time, especially on social media.

We do NOT all have the same views and we have all been effected by this situation in different ways, meaning anxiety is high in some.

We are lucky to live in a democracy and that means that we are entitled to an opinion – you are free to share yours, but please try not to attack others if they have a differing one.

SPCST Coordinator