by Alice Coates
(All photos and watercolour by Alice)

During these challenging times we’re all facing, we have at least been blessed with glorious spring weather. With the sun mostly shining throughout these early days of spring, it has not only been a welcome break for us, but also helped along all the fresh, bright new shoots to start breaking through the bare earth and burst forth on the twigs. Sweet-scented flowering currant, delicate blue Forget-Me Nots, creamy scented lemon- yellow Primroses, bright sunny Dandelions and Celandines and pretty mauve Periwinkles are all in full bloom in the garden.

As uplifting it is to finally see a splash of delicate colour, and to feel the welcome warmth of the springtime sun, the whole experience wouldn’t be complete without the joyful sights and comforting sounds of the early Bumble bees, Hoverflies and the fluffy Bee-flies emerging excitedly to feast on the rich nectar and to soak up their much needed energy from the sun! An extra special treat to add to it all has been the wonderful sight of frogspawn for the first time in the pond, something long awaited from our friendly resident frogs. An added joy and distraction has now been brought to each day with watching the tadpoles slowly developing!

Although the sound of so few people around and the usually busy roads falling into silence has created an eerily quiet atmosphere, it has been pleasantly filled and replaced with the sweet and familiar voices of our feathered friends.

The spring air is echoing with the sound of Sparrows constantly chirruping and chattering, the dreamy cooing of Collard Doves and Wood Pigeons, liquid warbling of brightly coloured Gold Finches, the sweet melody of the Song Thrush, the Robin’s delicate song, the complex sounds of the Starlings, and who steals the show for me, the soulful and melodic song of our beloved Blackbird.

All joining in with singing the tune to new life and hope. A gentle message to us from them that although we’re in an uncertain and unknown situation, we are all together and nature is still working in perfect order!

Something we all need to hold on to during these worrying times. Until next time.